Annual Preventative Maintenance Program

We are told to change the oil in our cars every 3000 miles which most of us do religiously, yet homeowners are not aware of specific maintenance tasks that must be performed across their home systems to keep them in top shape. Proper home maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars annually

The five major systems in your home that require maintenance to stay in top shape are Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Structural and Fire Suppression.

Four Visits Per Year

The program consists of four visits per year covering inspections and preventative maintenance in the five key areas of your home. Keeping these systems in proper working order to critical to proper home operation, efficiency, and safety.


Mechanical Systems

HVAC Systems:

Filter Change-3 Months

Clean Condensate Drains

Clean Interior / Exterior Coils

Freon Check-Annual

Electrical Connections

Clean Registers & Returns

Inspect Duct Work


Inspect Operation

Clean Vent Hood Screens

Clean Dryer Vents

Electrical Connections

Garage Door & Gates:

Service & Grease Doors

Check Springs

Align Door


Inspect Attic Vents

Inspect Chimney Caps

Inspect Sump Pumps

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Systems:

  • Inspect Water Main & Meter
  • Test All Water Shutoffs
  • Inspect & Test Faucets & Hose Bibs
  • Inspect and Clean All P-Traps & Drains
  • Flush Water Heater Annually
  • Clean Washing Machine Filters
  • Replace Washer Rubber Hoses With Braided Steel Flood Safe
  • Inspect and Test All Sump Pumps
  • Clean Garbage Disposal
  • Test All Toilets
  • Clean All Faucet Screens
  • Winterize Exterior Water Connections
  • Test Sprinkler System & Service Heads
  • Inspect Pool Equipment

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems:

Inspect Service Entrance Cables

Inspect Breaker Mounting

Inspect Meter, Disconnects & Grounding

Inspect Service Lugs

Test All Receptacles

Test GFCI Operation

Inspect Outdoor Electrical

Test All Breakers

Inspect Exterior Wiring

Change Bulbs As Needed

Structural Systems & Components

Structural Systems

Inspect Foundation

Inspect Exterior Walls, Fascia & Soffit

Inspect Roof Covering & Penetrations

Inspect and Clean Gutter Systems

Inspect All Drainage Systems

Inspect Window Seal and Operation & Service

Inspect Interior Walls

Inspect & Service Interior/Exterior Doors

Inspect Attic Insulation

Inspect Roof Structural Systems

Inspect Fence & Service Gates

Fire Suppression & Energy Efficiency

Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Inspect All Smoke Detectors
  • Test All Smoke Detectors
  • Change Smoke Detector Batteries every 6 months
  • Inspect Sprinkler System - If Applicable

Energy Efficiency

  • Perform Anual Inspection of All Home Seals, Windows, Doors, and Venting For Energy Loss
  • Perform Annual Blower Test to Identify Energy Leaks.

Program Extras & Member Discounts

Program Extras ($0 Dollars):

One Annual Gutter Cleaning Per Service Period

Once Annual Exterior Power Washing Per Service Period

Member Discounts

15% Discount On All Needed Repairs Outside Of The Anual Maintenance Program

Referral Bonus:

Any Customer Who Refers A New Client That Selects The Program WIll Receive a 10% Discount On Program Renewal Or a One Time $100 Visa Gift Card.

Workplace with notebook on wood table

Program Scheduling

Home visits are scheduled every quarter based on the customer enrollment date. A detailed report is issued after every visit detailing the results of the visit and any additional needed repairs. All home mechanical, electrical, plumbing and appliances are inventoried for make, model, and serial number for quick reference and warranty.

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