As you embark on an update or full remodel there will inherently be questions you have about the remodeling firm you are hiring. We have listed a lot of the commonly asked questions we receive. The hope is these answers will help you to feel confident about engaging Xenia Tree Renovations for your project.

The Basics:

What areas do you cover for remodeling and construction

We cover the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in a broad sense. We will complete projects outside of the DFW Metroplex depending on the size and duration of the project.

What type of company is Xenia Tree Renovations

We are a Limited Liability Company registered in Texas. We are wholly owned by Xenia Tree Holdings LLC.

Are you properly insured

Yes, we carry 2 million in General Liability insurance which means our customers are covered for any size project we complete.


What is your company address

We are located and have our headquarters at 1400 Preston Road, Suite 400, Plano Texas, 75093


What type of construction do you do

We primarily focus on kitchen, bath and whole house remodeling. We will build new homes for customers, this is typically custom homes built on the customer-owned property


Do you provide a warranty

Yes, we offer a 2-year warranty on workmanship.


Do you accept credit cards for payment

Yes, we accept all forms of major credit and debit cards for project rleated charges. We also accept checks, any checks over $5000 must be in certified funds.


Engaging Us

Do you provide free estimates

Yes, we do not charge to create estimates for clients or talk with them about their project.


Do you work from a construction contract

Yes Of Course, a properly written construction contract defines exactly what will occur during the project, the overall timeline and terms that are designed to protect the client and us.


How do you handle project changes

Project changes are common, we handle all changes through a formal change order process that details what will be done, the timeline and related costs. Every change order requires signature from both parties before any work is completed.


How do you close out a project

Every project has a final walkthrough with attached punchlist. From this list we complete the priject and each party signs off on the final product.