Kitchen Trends for 2018

Still the most popular and biggest bang for your buck in regards to resell value are kitchen and bathroom remodels. These rooms are the most remodeled rooms in any home, and for good reason. When it comes to resell value the return on investment for well-executed bathroom and kitchen remodels is well north of 50% In this article, we will focus on kitchen trends and what you as the homeowner should be considering when it comes time to update.

Gut or Update:

Of course, the full gut of an existing kitchen is the most fun and allows you to start from scratch and design your unique kitchen to fit your vision. However, depending on your taste and level of finish out desired this can quickly become out of reach financially for some Homeowners. At first glance, one would assume a full gut (Major Overhaul) would drive the highest level of return but the data tells a different story. On average, a mid-range major overhaul of a kitchen will net a 65%-68% return on dollars spent. A kitchen update that includes cabinet refacing/resurfacing, new floors, appliances, countertops, backsplash, and painting will net 80%+ on dollars spent.

Each option has their benefits. If you are simply trying to maximize sale value without investing a ton of money a kitchen update is the way to go. This, of course, depends on the condition and layout of your existing kitchen. If on the other hand, you are looking to stay in your home for a while and enjoy the benefits of your new kitchen than the full gut is the way to go. Another benefit of a full gut and remodel is the ability to touch and update every aspect including electrical, plumbing, lighting, cabinets etc. Building code changes over time and the needs of the modern family changes even faster, therefore,  touching every component of your kitchen during a full remodel does not leave you wanting more and potentially disappointed after the fact.

Kitchen trends for 2018

Color, Design, and Layout:

Cool colors, streamlined design, and open space are king in kitchen remodeling today. White, variations of grey and bold paint colors and accents are being applied to kitchen remodels in unique and interesting ways. The era of the wood stained kitchen cabinet has faded and is continuing to fade. Homeowners are looking for the bright spaces that function well, are easy to maintain and are calming, not cluttered.

A big trend in kitchen design is open, flat multi-use kitchen islands that serve as cooking prep space, eating space and conversation space. The islands can be designed and positioned to allow for the inevitable gathering of people yet still provide a barrier to allow the person cooking to operate and prepare the meal while being a part of the conversation.

Kitchen layout is critical to efficient use and enjoyment of your remodeled kitchen. Just because a kitchen is big does not mean its efficient or usable. The small kitchen and can be very useful if designed correctly. This means taking the time to think about how you live, how you cook and entertain to design a kitchen that flows right for you specifically.

The traditional kitchen cabinet design is going through a transformation as well. Upper kitchen cabinets are going away and being replaced with open shelving. This creates an openness in the kitchen and improves the sight lines. The loss of storage space in traditional upper cabinets is being replaced by smart design of cabinets installed with items like open shelving, pull out lower cabinets shelves, creative spice racks, and small appliance lift garages that give you easy access for use but are out of sight when not needed.

Kitchen Finishes:

As mentioned before, painted kitchens in cool colors are driving design these days. Quartz countertops are still king due to their beauty, durability, and ease of care. Kitchen countertops decorative edges are being replaced with the simple flat polished edge that is timeless yet modern. Undermount sinks based on point of use, integrated wine storage and accessories are all part of modern kitchen design and finish.

When it comes to hardware, the days of matching cabinet hardware to kitchen faucets etc are going away. Kitchen hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and contrasting colors are employed to create a unique look and that will stand the test of time. White or grey cabinets, bright quartz countertops, brushed nickel faucets with oil rubbed bronze light fixtures and cabinet hardware is very popular and finishes very well.

Backsplash tile is getting smaller and traditional subway tile is very popular. Additionally, with the open shelving design, backsplash tile is being laid up the entire wall with the shelves applied over the top. This creates a very striking and high-end look that both homeowners and potential buyers are looking for.

From a flooring standpoint, hardwood floors still lead the pack but ceramic tile is hot on its heels. With the development of wood look ceramic tile and different ways of applying them, it creates a stunning look that offers great durability. Tile laying patterns include stack, brick, third pattern, random length and more creative design like herringbone. Gone are the days of the wide (1/4 to 1/2) grout lines, clients are opting for 1/16 to 1/8 size grout lines as it creates a cleaner look and is easier to take care of.


The kitchen is not immune to the growing trend in smart homes. What has been developed for commercial use is making its way into the modern home. Technology like faucets that can sense hands under them and come on and off automatically. The smart fridge that is wifi connected and can tell you what food you are low on and if items are going bad. Lighting control system that can be operated from your smartphone. Let’s not forget about the modern appliance that consumes power smartly and can reduce your overall energy consumption in the kitchen.

Overall Concepts:

As we have discussed, the modern kitchen is combining modern technology, architectural design, cool colors with bold accents and openness that makes the design process more interesting but harder as well. What should you go with, how does it fit into the overall design of your home and how do you use the kitchen. Of course, the budget is also a major consideration that will drive a lot of the decisions that go into your kitchen remodel.

Rest assured, you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve the vision for your kitchen, with smart choices and creative sourcing you can create the kitchen you will enjoy spending time in. The side benefits are more cooking, healthier food choices and more time with the family.

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