Little Things Matter When Hiring a Contractor

Getting ready for that kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels and complete home makeover? Homeowners have a wide choice of contractors they can use to get the job completed. Many people rely on recommendations from friends and colleagues to choose the right contractor. Of course, this can be a minefield for customers if they do not have someone they know and trust to do the work already.

It is amazing what you can learn about a contractor before any money ever changes hands. If they treat the little things with care you can be sure they will treat the big things (your home) with care.


The first step in getting an estimate is to schedule a meeting with the contractor to walk through the job and discuss the finer points. First test, did they show up at the time they agreed to, and if they were late did they call ahead to let you know. Punctuality shows respect for your time as you probably took time off work or used your lunch hour to meet with the contractor.

The Estimate Delivery

Once the contractor has the information needed did they tell you when you would have a completed bid and did they meet the deadline? This is the second of their promises, first did they show up on time and secondly did they send you the bid when it was agreed to. This is especially true if your project is small, did they push you aside to deal with the larger client that came up after. Contractors should always treat customers with respect no matter how much money they spend.

The Estimate Detail

Was the bid thorough or does it look like they wrote it down on the back of a napkin and gave it to you? The finger in the wind approach for estimates is never a good idea. Did the contractor take the time to listen and take down notes when you met, this will show up in the accuracy and detail of the estimate?

Are They Available:

So you have met with the contractor, received the bid and you have questions, are they available to answer your questions and willing to spend the time talking through it.  Nothing is more frustrating than chasing a contractor to get answers to the questions you may have.


Add all of these things up and it gives you a pretty clear idea of what the ongoing interaction will be like with the contractor. If the contractor is attentive and takes the time to treat youth respect and deliver on the early promises you can be sure they will take the time to deliver the job.

Pay attention to the little things and they will tell you a lot.

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