Full Residential Design & Build

Embarking on a full or partial remodel of your home can seem like a daunting task. Proper design, planning, and execution are what makes the difference between a dream home and a nightmare. Understanding what is involved in the process, what the end product will look like and what value it will bring to your home is where Xenia Tree Renovations shines. Whether its a bath remodel, kitchen remodel or whole house we cover it.

Home Evaluation & Design

Overall Project Vision

Helping you define the overall vision and goals for your remodel by answering key questions at the outset

  1. What is your vision of the end product?
  2. What is the priority and order of things to be done?
  3. What is the overall budget that has been committed to the remodeling effort?
  4. What is the timeline for the remodel to be completed?
  5. What is the current state of your home?

Having a clear understanding of the effort involved and the vision for the end product is critical to a successful project

Specifications Development

Details Matter!

We engage in a detailed specifications development project with you to deep dive on all areas of the project including

  1. Floor Plans and Elevations
  2. Overall room and structure layout
  3. Detailed measurements
  4. All finish selections documented
  5. Timelines and phasing
  6. Permits and building requirements

From this specifications development deep dive we arrive at a total project cost, have a rock solid project timeline and requirements to get started

Project kickoff & Execution

Let's Get Rolling

With the vision and detailed specifications defined we begin the project execution phase. This includes

  1. Project team assignment
  2. City permits and requirements validated and in hand
  3. Pre-construction setup
  4. Project funding in place
  5. Project kickoff

Once we are rolling you can expect robust and frequent status updates as well as regular communication with the project manager.

Project escalation and change order procedures are defined and communicated.

Interior Design & Layout

Our team sits down with each and every client to assist them in the interior selection process. This includes space layout, color selections and all design choices to help you realize your vision.

We help our clients design a home that fits their unique style and needs.

Communication Is What Matters

Understanding exactly what will happen and when is critical to a successful project that meets all expectations. Every aspect of the process is planned and documented.

We follow a strict change order process to make sure every request and change is properly captured and signed off.


Tell Us About Your Project

Drop us a note and tell us about your poject. We would enjoy visiting with you to help you realize your vision for your home.

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