The Team Makes Us Succesful

I have always subscribed to the philosophy that if you want to be successful over time and be able to scale you have to surround yourself with a very strong team and TRUST them to do the job. Trust them to do the job, get out of the way and let them do it. As a General Contracting firm, our success is totally dependent on the partners and subcontractors we work with to do the job. It takes time to build the team and find the folks you can trust and when you find them it makes your work a real pleasure.

I believe in the commanders intent model which is to accurately describe the desired end state and then let your teams do what they do. If they don’t understand the objective and the defined end state you cannot expect them to deliver the results. Every project is different and the desired outcome is determined by the wants and needs of the client. It is incumbent upon me as the General Contractor to fully understand the client’s desires and properly communicate it to the team, manage the work and verify the delivery of the final product. When you have the right team there is no need to micromanage anybody.

I have been blessed to find the folks I work with on a daily basis as they are all consummate professionals and take pride in their work. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly a pleasure to watch. This is a quick shout out to all of my crews I work with on a daily basis and they are.

  • Homero Cruz, Diego Cruz, Pablo Gonzalez and Juan Mora: This crew handles all trim work, siding, custom woodwork, cabinets and finish painting. The guys make the painting look easy are dedicated to delivering results each and every time.
  • Mike Walden: Cabinets and custom pieces. Tucked away in the woods of East Texas producing the finest quality custom cabinets and furniture pieces I have ever seen.
  • Arturo Gomez, Jose Gomez, Lorenzo Gomez, Pablo Gomez: The band of merry tile, stone and hardwood flooring brothers. Always working with a smile and reliable to a fault. Craftsmanship at its finest
  • Javier Dominguez: Sheetrock, mud and plaster master. It is truly an art form to do mud and plasterwork the way Javier does.
  • Hugo Banda: The tiny electrician, small in stature but big on results and efficiency.
  • Larry Parker: Plumbing & HVAC.  No drama, just reliability, quality.
  • Michael Dodson: All things granite, soapstone and quartz. Fast, efficient and an expert at handling complex countertop installs and delighting customers.
  • Martine Gomez: The carpet king, I challenge you to find flaws in his work, whether commercial or residential Martine is an expert.
  • Steve Caraway: The fastest concrete guys in the Southwest. They ride in and poof you have a new slab, parking lot, walkway in very short order.
  • Philipe Brima: Framing, windows, roofing, and decking. Applying old-school craftsmanship in framing a structure that will be there for 100’s of years.
  • Janeth Mora: Making it all beautiful at the end of the job. Impressing clients every time.
  • Hugo Cruz: The Landscaping master, the drive up appeal is in good hands with Hugo, creating a home oasis for our clients

Without this team of people, we could not possibly deliver results. We are blessed to be affiliated with these teams. If you want to grow your business and create longevity, get focused first on finding the right people and those people will take care of the customer. Get out of their way and let them work.

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